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Health, Living & Employment

Day-time facilities for addicted persons

People suffering from addiction are supported and accompanied in structuring and coping with their day-to-day life in the day-time facilities with our integration assistance. Social counselling, group discussions, ergotherapy and leisure time activities are available for visitors every weekday.

Assisted individual living and residential projects

In assisted individual living, those suffering from addiction are given low-threshold and practical support in their familiar living environment. The therapeutic residential communities offer addicted persons (and sometimes homeless) a home for the medium-term with individual addiction-specific support.

Counselling and assistance for children, youth and families

Youth are the target group for the Berlin-wide counselling service HaLT, offering youths with risky alcohol consumption deep and far-reaching support in all areas of life. Parent counselling is an important component of this. HaLT is a joint project of the Caritas Union for the Archibishop of Berlin e.V. and the Foundation SPI since 2012.

Work and Employment

Work and employment in the sense of participation and reintegration are of increasing importance. The services are meant to do justice to the individuality of those affected. The business unit Health, Living & Employment offers employment opportunities in retail sales and gastronomy, which are partly realised via the SPI Ausbildung & Qualifizierung Berlin-Brandenburg gGmbH. Further fields of engagement for clients are in planning. The aim is always training for work processes, stabilising oneself socially, building up confidence and earning additional money within the statutory additional earning limits.


New forms of service arise from our work with affected persons and our resource-oriented collaboration with additional experts and institutions. This sensibly complements the established addiction care system and expands on our preventative services, such as with the jogging group of a residential facility, holistic support through family midwives or school projects.

The business unit Health, Living & Employment of the SPI Foundation is a practical care provider for Berlin. For over twenty years it has focused on developing community-based integrative and networked addiction care systems. Its addiction care and living projects are organised by district and are oriented towards youth and adults in the districts of Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Pankow, Treptow-Köpenick, Lichtenberg and Reinickendorf.

There are collaborations not just between the various services of the Foundation SPI, but also regionally, thematically and institutionally. In this way the support systems can be intermeshed with one another and coordinated for the good of the clients.

Addiction counselling offices

The addiction counselling offices form the central point in each district for all those suffering from addiction or threatened by it as well as their family. Additional services, day-time facilities and living projects are grouped around these counselling offices in accordance with the actual social locations. Counselling sessions and conversations are holistic and open-ended in terms of outcome. Abstinence is a possibility but not a requirement. The services of the addiction counselling offices include specialised services for families and those addicted to medications or in substitution treatment as well as open office hours and the daily group. Outpatient therapy is also an option.

Contact and community

The Contact and Community Centres offer fast and simple access to information, offers of support, exchange with others affected by addiction and a sensible structuring of leisure time on drug-free and alcohol-free sites. The facilities are often used by self-help groups.


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