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Living Situations, Diversity & Urban Development

Rethink. Take part. Act.

Life in the multifarious city: the projects of the business unit Living Situations, Diversity & Urban Development (Geschäftsbereich Lebenslagen, Vielfalt & Stadtentwicklung) supports children, youth and families whose lives play out in the community of the city – diverse, multi-layered and changing. And only there can a sense of home arise – geographically, socially, politically and emotionally – and the engagement and commitment be encouraged so that citizens can be included, supported, taken seriously and integrated as partners. In the search for answers to the social questions we seek custom-fit solutions together with all affected persons. Our approach is: “For every individual there is something we can offer suited to that person. We just have to find it.” more

E-Mail: info(at)stiftung-spi.de Phone: 030 459793-0