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Location Brandenburg Southeast

We develop perspectives

The business unit for the location Brandenburg Southeast participates in the state-wide development of models of social work and implements these in its role as service provider in the practice of social work in districts and cities in the south and east of the state of Brandenburg um. We currently operate projects and facilities in the districts of Oberspreewald-Lausitz, Spree-Neiße, Dahme-Spreewald and Oder-Spree as well as the cities of Cottbus and Frankfurt (Oder).

We see social work as a co-production of several actors who have made it their mission to develop their potentials together with children, youth and families.

Our basic work consists of youth retreats and youth cultural work in centralised facilities, need-based assistance for youth in special life situations and the responsible implementation of state-wide projects including academic advising, evaluation and coordination for various programme participants.

Many years of experience and recognised competence are at work in the transfer of facilities from community to private sponsorship as well as the continuing of privately sponsored projects in youth work.

We provide individually customised employment and qualification services for the unemployed. The Brandenburg locations of the Foundation SPI are certified as service provides under the AZAV.Since it was founded as an independent business unit in 1999, the Brandenburg location has established itself as a provider in social work in the state of Brandenburg. To be able to react more quickly and efficiently to regional developments and challenges, the business unit for the Brandburg Northwest location was founded in January 2015.

Under the specific conditions of the territorial state of Brandenburg, a number of different individual projects are working in the interplay of growing theoretical demands – i. a. the review of programmes for inclusion, gender equity and community orientation – and the developing project reality.

The basis of our work is found in the professional standards for social work such as 

  • Range of services
  • Selection criteria used by service recipients
  • Strengthening self-help
  • Need and result orientation of social assistance strategies
  • Result-oriented assessment of social services
  • Securing the long-term financial viability of services

As well as the supplemental principles for action 

  • Prevention
  • Decentralisation/regionalisation
  • Orientation on everyday life
  • Holistic approach
  • Orientation on life circumstances
  • Integration and normalisation as well as 
  • Participation

Along with the regional assignment to the seven current locations, the projects are broken down into a total of eight specialised groups:

  • Houses
  • Childcare
  • Youth work/youth social work
  • Education
  • Professional training
  • Community life
  • Media
  • Help in child development

The suggested courses of action aimed at remedying the various social problems in the state of Brandenburg will be assessed in social practice. This goes beyond a variety of independent activities and involves cooperation with regional partners, networking projects, combining regional resources and coordinating approaches to social work state-wide.


Stiftung SPI
Geschäftsbereich Niederlassung Brandenburg Süd-Ost
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15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Telephone: +49 335 387278-0
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E-Mail: brandenburg(at)stiftung-spi.de

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