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Topics & Projects

The activities of the Foundation SPI encompass a broad spectrum of topics that are reflected in the <link service/projekte-standorte/ _top internal-link "German-language only">services and projects</link> for various target groups. The institutions in our seven business divisions are located in Berlin and in the state of Brandenburg.

Children and Youth

Children and youth have individually very different life histories. They are all, however, the future adults of our society. more


Walking with families, supporting them where support is needed, being a constructive source of ideas, creating community– that’s what the Foundation SPI stands for in its work with and for families. more


Aging is one of the most fraught and exciting topics and questions in our society. Many do not like to think about growing older as long as they are not directly affected. This is a mistake. Those who avoid dealing with it pass up on the chance to shape aging in society. more

School, Education and Work

Every person needs a school leaving certificate, an education and workplace experience. With this as background, projects are designed and undertaken with our various cooperating partners. more

City and Community

People shape a neighbourhood more than houses, streets and businesses. The Foundation SPI conceives of the city primarily as a place of social coexistence. Urban development means: continuing to develop the existing city space into an urban habitat. more

Living and Caring

The home or residence is for many people the place where they experience safety and security, but at the same time the locus of communication, development, and family life. Preservation of viable living space is very important for all other forms of counselling and treatment. more

Flight, Immigration and Migration

The currently high numbers of incoming immigrants in Germany present a great social challenge. This applies for the metropolis that is Berlin with its various traditions, milieus, lived worlds and lifestyles as well as medium-sized or small cities or for rural areas in Brandenburg. more

Addiction and Prevention

All forms of consulting and intervention at the Foundation SPI are open-ended and take account of the desires, right to choose and cooperation of the client. The services are focused on the target groups and contribute especially to promoting sensitivity and self-reflection. more

Culture and Leisure

Concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, readings, films, public painting events, multimedia projects, dance performances, band rehearsals, city tours – all of these and much more has a place in our projects  and facilities. more

Programme Agencies and Service Offices

The Foundation SPI supports federal and state ministries in the development and implementation of subsidy programmes. Programme agencies and service offices secure the targeted and efficient implementation of such programmes and contribute to sustainably securing effective results and refining the conceptualisation of such projects. more

E-Mail: info(at)stiftung-spi.de Phone: 030 459793-0