Building SPI-Vocational Schools in Berlin

Vocational Schools, Qualification & Professionalization

In the business unit for Vocational Schools, Qualification & Professionalization (Geschäftsbereich Fachschulen, Qualifizierung & Professionalisierung) we bundle the skills for education and professional training at the Foundation SPI. The foundation is established by the Professional Vocational School for Geriatric Care and the Vocational Schools for State-registered Educators (social pedagogues) and Special Education. A wide variety of continuing education opportunities for specialists in social services and healthcare and cultural education, all concluding with state-recognition or state-recognised certificates, round out the range of services offered. The division for Culture & Education is responsible for systematically linking the lived environments of clients with the educational services offered. Here we apply methods drawn from theatre and the arts for educational and development processes in day-care centres, schools, museums and other locations.

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